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Fascianator Face Roller

The Fascianator Face Roller has helped people alleviate pain associated with TMJ syndrome and trigeminal neuralgia. It has also helped reduce the intraocular eye pressure associated with glaucoma.

Crafted with the same meticulous design as its body counterpart, it gently coaxes your facial fascia back to its ideal state, unlocking a cascade of benefits:

  • Pain relief: Whether it’s the dull ache of TMJ or the searing twinges of trigeminal neuralgia, the Fascianator Face Roller can help ease facial discomfort, restoring the orchestra’s harmonious notes.

  • Glaucoma relief: By reducing intraocular pressure, the roller can contribute to managing glaucoma, protecting the delicate melody of your vision.

  • Hydrated radiance: As fascia regains its youthful elasticity, your skin receives a symphony of revitalization. Imagine plump, dewy skin glowing with newfound luminosity thanks to the roller’s hydrating touch.

  • Wrinkle reduction: By smoothing and releasing the tension, the Fascianator Face Roller helps erase the telltale signs of facial disharmony – wrinkles – revealing a smoother, more youthful canvas for your expressive masterpiece.

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