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Meet Anthony Chrisco and Eileen Paulo-Chrisco

Anthony Chrisco is a Founding Member of the Fascia Research Society, established in 2012.  He is also the inventor of the Fascianator Roller and the Fascianator Method of self-myofascial release.  He is c0-author of Pain Free Everyday. His unrivaled passion for helping others has led him to teach the Fascianator Method at destinations all over the globe. 

Eileen Paulo-Chrisco is the  co-author of Pain Free Everyday which details how the Fascianator Roller and Fascianator Method came to fruition.  Eileen worked as a cell biologist for many years and worked with the 2009 Nobel Prize Winner for Physiology and Medicine, Elizabeth Blackburn. 

Together, Anthony and Eileen posess nearly sixty years of experience in science, health and fitness and post-rehabilitation. 

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