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Mini Fascianator Roller.png

Fascianator Traveler

The Fascianator Traveler is meant to be used on airplanes and while you are traveling. Reset your feet on your long walks during your travels!

This compact roller, designed for the nomadic soul, fits snugly in your bag, ready to release tension and restore rhythm wherever you roam.


  • Airplane Harmony: No more enduring cramped airplane seats with clenched muscles. The Fascianator Traveler becomes your in-flight conductor, soothing tired calves and releasing tension before it takes root. Disembark feeling refreshed and ready to embrace your adventure.

  • Walking Symphonies: City streets become your stage, but achy feet can steal the spotlight. The Traveler glides across your soles, easing tension, boosting circulation, and transforming each step into a graceful note in your travel symphony.

  • Reset Your Rhythm: Whether exploring ancient ruins or scaling mountain peaks, your body becomes your instrument. The Traveler allows you to pause, reset, and release tension, ensuring each day dawns with renewed zest and a body ready to move to the rhythm of discovery.

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